Friday, 16 September 2011

Blog Interview - Elise Canning, Beadazzled by Elise

Apologies for the distinct lack of blog updates over the last couple of weeks but Mr C and I have been having lots of adventures on honeymoon in Canada.  I promise to upload lots of pics soon but in the mean time I just couldn't wait to bring you our latest blog interview with Elise Canning.  Elise's beads are absolutely stunning and are incredibly unique so please take a few minutes to read her interview and visit her website and Facebook page.

A little bit about Elise:

Elise Canning is the face behind Beadazzled by Elise.  She is an artisan bead designer and creator who uses polymer clay to create beautiful flower beads.  Elise’s style is very unique and her beads have featured in Making Jewellery, Bead and Beads & Beyond magazines as well as being in great demand from jewellery makers including Nicky Townsend who we featured in last months blog interview.
Elise’s beads can be found online at where you can find not only her flower beads but also a selection of Christmas beads, butterflies, insects and leaves.

How long have you been making your beads and charms and how did it all begin?I started making my own flower beads using polymer clay when I wanted to make a charm bracelet for my mother. One of my mother’s passions is her amazing garden and she has a huge knowledge of flowers. I wanted to include some of her favourite flowers in the bracelet but couldn’t find any that fitted the bill. So, I made some myself using Polymer Clay. I then sold a few of the leftovers on Ebay. My husband Mark suggested that I should open an Ebay store where I could sell flowers to other designers. I moved to my own website just over 2 years ago and started a Facebook page where my customers could interact with me this year. Everyone has been very encouraging and it’s wonderful to be able to get immediate feedback on my ideas.
What inspires you?Nature. How amazing are Mother Nature’s creations? I try to create beads that look as natural as possible, although I also like making flower beads that are a little different too.
The jewellery designers I work alongside, the pieces of art that they come up with using my beads are inspiring. When Nicky Townsend (Enchanted) asked me to make the largest rose I could, she made me stretch myself and I’m thankful that she does push me. It also helps me grow as an artist.
What equipment and techniques do you use in your work?I use basic polymer clay tools, a pasta machine for conditioning, bead racks and pins. I make up a lot of my techniques and I like to sculpt, having the raw clay in your hands, knowing how to make something beautiful is exciting
Where can people learn more about your work?I regularly post my work and chat with my online friends on my Facebook page, I don’t have a blog as I like to be making rather than sitting at the computer.
What advice would you give to others interested using polymer clay?I would recommend joining a group, the help and encouragement you can receive from other members is amazing. You’re made to feel welcome and help is always on hand. Beading forums like Bead Buddies and UK Beaders have sections specifically for polymer clay.

Three words that sum you up: Kooky, Sensitive, Arty.
What makes you smile: My family, I have the most amazing family around me. My 2 children Montanna and Riley. My husband Mark and my mother Suzann. They make me smile and keep me going when I’m feeling down

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