Monday, 21 February 2011

Handmade Monday

Ooooh this is our first go at joining in with Wendy at 1st Unique Crafts Handmade Monday.  Thank you Wendy for organising this.  You can visit her blog and also enter her blog giveaway here -

Well it was a bit of a busy weekend, I attended a chainmaille workshop on Saturday and then a trade fair at the NEC sniffing out suppliers for most of yesterday.

I'll post a quick pic of my first ever chainmaille attempt here this evening....

.... oooh and here it is, I hope you weren't expecting too much - it's my very first attempt.  It's a basic 6 in 1 pattern.  Thank you all so much for your comments - I'm hoping to get a lot more practice in to perfect this pattern plus others before adding a chainmaille workshop to our schedule late Spring.


    Looking forward to seeing your chainmaille, it is very very very addictive though (like all crafts really :-) ) Did you manage to get some good suppliers at the NEC ?

    Have a blog hop about the other people taking part there are lots of lush foods to salivate over :-)

  2. Welcome to Handmade Monday, cannot wait to se uour chainmaille pic.

  3. How did you find the chainmaille course. Can't wait to see pics. I love wondering around trade fairs, only problem is you can get distracted so easily, looking at things you shouldn't.

  4. I can't wait to see some pic's either . I am in awe of anyone who makes jewellery I have made bits but it's never been much good.

  5. Hi Francesca and Glitz - yes NEC was good although kept getting side tracked by all the other crafts. Just off over to mooch through the other blogs now :)

    Hi Carole - thaks for your comment, it's nothing special as its my first attempt but definitely got the bug :)

    Hi Sue - I'm sure your jewels are lovely and if you've had fun making them all the better :)

  6. Having never made any type of jewellery before i will watch with interest how you develop your new skill. Well done on your firstt attempt and thanks for showing

  7. Great Chainmaille. I had a one on one with Lynne from the Dragonfly Company and it was great - not that I've done anymore since.

    Looking forward to seeing your other creations.

    I'm avoiding any shows until I have some extra pennies to spend lol I can get rather carried away.

  8. I'd love to try chainmaille, but I think it looks all fingers and thumbs-ish. Did you find it easy to pick up? For a starting piece that is no small feat! Can't wait to see more as things progress!

  9. Hi Kat - it was a bit fiddly to start with but then once you got into a flow it came more easily. I hadn't done any before so it was just working out how to hold it as I was working and what felt most comfortable to me. Looking forward to doing some more soon though.