Monday, 7 March 2011

Going to the Chapel......

Well Mr Crook and I headed down to Devon on Saturday morning as we were attending a Marriage Preparation Day at the church that is marrying us down in North Devon.  We really weren't sure what to expect but had quite a fun day in the end.  Our lovely lady Vicar had chocolate biscuits on tap for us all, took us all to the pub for lunch where she got the round in.  She also put us all at ease by admitting that in her younger years she had been a teenage rebel who thought church was for weirdos!!  We had been a little nervous but the definite hint of Dibley had us relaxed in no time and we're now both looking forward to the big day.

We also had chance to check out the cottage we'll be using for the reception and our mini-moon and a lovely long walk on Saunton Sands.  Can't wait to get down there again next month!


  1. Well, with a "hint of Dibley", you surely cannot go wrong!