Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Guest Blogger - Tracey Phillips of Bridal Designs

This month we've been really lucky to have Tracey Phillips of Bridal Design contribute to our blog. Thank you Tracey!

The perfect materials for wedding jewellery

Making your own wedding jewellery is a lovely thing to be able to do, a keepsake to hand down to future generations and of course to have the starring role in your big day. I started my own business when, after making bridal jewellery for my sisters wedding I had lots of leftover sets. I approached local wedding shops to see if they'd be interested in selling them for me and from there started the website! Anyway..I digress..

I would always suggest using the best materials you can for bridal jewellery You will probably want to wear it again afterwards or keep it for future events so it's good to make it look it's best! Whilst Czech crystal is perfectly servicable I would recommend using Swarovski crystal for your jewellery as you will get a superior finish and you'll know that all your crystals will match perfectly. Another reason is that Swarovski is used by a majority of dress designers and also on shoes etc so you know your jewellery will match your dress and accessories.

If you want pearls I would recommend either freshwater pearls or Swarovsi pearls, freshwater pearls are a natural product so of course you will find variations in colors and sizes, this gives a nice irregular look. If you want a perfect matching set of jewellery then Swarovski pearls are ideal, they are made with a base of Swarovski crystal which gives weight to the pearl, this is then multi layered with a pearl coating. Unlike natural pearls they don't discolour when exposed to sunlight or perfume and unlike other faux pearls won't flake.

I use Sterling silver wire for my designs as it is flexible but durable, easy to work with and the colour goes with any style of wedding from vintage to ultra modern . I sometimes use silver plated wire for practice pieces which is a good idea if you're not sure a design is going to work first time!

I hope this gives you a starter point for beginning to make your own or a family members wedding jewellery

Tracey Phillips

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