Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Braunton Bound

Hello hello!!  I'm sorry i've been a little bit slow on the blog just lately but with only 8 weeks to go till the big day the wedding plans are starting to take over at the moment.  There's lots of beady news on the way with our first ever blog interview with the lovely Sally Carver from RedHotSal and her lovely lampies and lots of new steampunk style charms and findings coming soon but in the mean time here's a little update of what we've been up to over the last few weeks.

Firstly my fantastic mum has been beavering away making our wedding invites, bunting and all round lovely things ready for the big day.  Here's some quick pics of her hard work - thanks mum!!

Last weekend we headed down to sunny Devon with Mr C's Best Man Steve and his wife Jo.  The weather was amazing and my legs saw their first outing in a pair of shorts.  The shock of my milky white pins in the sun had me dashing for the fake tan I can tell you - I'm sure I saw a mother shield her young child's face away from the glare!!!

All in all we managed to sort flowers, church details and finalise the marquee bits and bobs so celebrated on Sunday with some chips by the Harbour and with an hour in Ilfracombes finest arcades where I have to admit the draw of the 2p machines saw 4 grown adults overcome as we battled to win the bonus (or maybe that should be booby) prize key ring that 'appeared' to be teetering by a thread on the edge. Then all of a sudden 3 came down at once.

It's all about tactics!!!!

The prize!!!  Cost = about £8 in 2ps, Satisfaction = huge YEE HAH!!

Anyway, enough from me.  The next post will be from RedHotSal aka Sally Carver

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