Friday, 12 August 2011

Funky Friday Fun

Ok, Ok  I know I have been very bad recently with posting up some Friday Fun but I'm back now and this month have a really funky little bit of fun for you.  Our large Bold and Beautiful bead necklaces went down so well I thought it'd be a good idea to share the tutorial with you all.

Please accept my apologies for the obvious mistake in the main picture, I didn't notice it till it was far too late and it was far too late in the evening to start again.  Have no fear the instructions are all correct.  Lesson learned - only one glass of vino whilst creating!!!

This project is great for beginners.

Ingredients (for the black and white design):
All beads and findings are available on our website
3 x large fabric and resin beads
6 x fabric knot beads
4 x burnt silver large holed beads
2 x 10mm jet fire polished beads
1 x 30 cm length of Tiger tail
4 x small jump rings
2 box ends
1m of microfibre suede
1 x lobster clasp1 x extension chain
2 x crimp beads

In addition you will require cutter pliers, a pair of flat nosed pliers and a pair of round nose pliers.

What To Do:
Take the piece of tiger tail and thread a crimp bead on followed by one of the jump rings.  Feed the tiger tail back through the crimp bead to form and loop and crimp to secure (Fig 1).  Trim off any excess wire (Fig 2).

Start threading on your beads starting with a jet 10mm fire polished bead, a large holed burnt silver bead, a fabric knot bead, a large resin bead, another knot bead, a large silver bead etc – continue on with this pattern as per the main picture adding the second 10mm fire-polished bead at the end (Fig 3).

Fig 3
Add a crimp bead onto the end of your tiger tail and then another large jump ring.  Bring the tiger tail wire back through the crimp bead to form a small loop and crimp to secure.  You now have your design strung onto the tiger tail with a jump ring attached to each end.

To add the cord measure the length required and trim to your requirements, please note you will require two pieces, one for each side and each piece will be doubled up.  Thread the first piece of cord through a jump ring on one end of the tiger tail and double up pulling the two ends together (Fig 4).  Add a cord end to the ends and repeat on the other side. 
Fig 4

Add a jump ring and lobster clasp to one cord end and a jump ring and extension chain to the other cord end to finish.

We hope you have fun making this necklace.  Please email us with any pictures if you make it up at and any pictures we post up on here will get a free mix bag of beads.

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