Monday, 15 August 2011

Wedding Blessing

Yesterday I had the chance to throw on my wedding dress and do the whole thing again as Mr C and I held a wedding blessing closer to home so that my elderly grandma's and family were able to attend and see us walk down the ailse.  We had a wonderful day again and both the grandma's really enjoyed themselves which made it all worthwhile.

A huge thank you goes to my mum yet again for all the wonderful cakes she baked for the afternoon tea we held after the service.  She out did herself so here's a couple of pics of just a few of her yummy creations.  I have never seen so many people move so quick once the cakes were all unveiled!

Mum's cakes are so delicious I thought I'd add them to the Handmade Monday list on 1st Unique Gifts blog



  1. Wow - they look amazing. How lucky you are to have a mum with such talents! x

    How lovely to renew your vows awww!
    Those cakes look scrumptious. xxxx

  3. Oh wow gorgeous cakes!!! I'm not sure I'd want to share them lol. Congratulations on your blessing :)

  4. Congratulations on your blessing, the cakes look lovely know wonder there was a mad dash for them.

    Jan x

  5. That seems like such fun, perhaps you should get married once a week! Those cakes are beautiful, if they taste half as good they must be outstanding!

  6. Hi all - thanks for the lovely comments. Just off to collect the white cake from my mums house now but umming and arhing as to whether to save it and share it with my customers at this weekends Bead Soiree or whether to scoff it with Mr C xx

  7. Scoff the cake, far too nice to share ;) Congrats on the blessing... btw, I think you mum should be on the Great British Bake Off!