Monday, 24 January 2011

Cheeky Chucks

Our Beadelicious mascots Bluebell and Tallulah enjoyed a good run out over the weekend as it's been too dark in the evenings for us to let them out after we get home from work.  Bluebell is up to her old tricks though, throughout last summer she decided to start laying her eggs under our Magnolia bush.  This must have been going on for weeks before we found out judging by the stash of eggs we found when we had to cut the bush down to make way for the Mr Crooks new bike shed.  We'd been concerned she'd been off colour and had stopped laying, but no - she'd just wanted a change of scenery!

Now it seems with the Magnolia bush gone she's found herself a new spot.  We thought we'd lost her and after a frantic search of the garden found her tucked away behind the composter, refusing to budge off an egg.  I was a little concerned she was going broody as she refused to budge for most of the day but luckily a couple of Hobnob biscuits did the trick and she was down filling her beak faster than a whippet after the hare.

Not budging!!!

The power of a Hobnob!!!

The poor abandoned egg!!!

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