Monday, 20 June 2011

Hellooo Again!!

Hello, hello.  I apologise for being so lax on my blogging recently but a combination of beady busy-ness plus the final preparations for our wedding last week have meant that the last month or so have been a little bit hectic to say the least.  Anyway apologies for being absent and for those who might be interested in a little wedding news here’s some piccies and big thanks to all those that attended our special day and helped to bring it all together.

First a huge thank you to all my girlies and especially to Clare and Tree, my wonderful bridesmaids who have helped to keep me calm make the day very special.

Thank you to the best man and usher and for to all the boys who kept Paul out of ‘serious’ trouble and in one piece for the big day.  An extra special thanks to Dancing Daz for your surprise performance.

To all our friends and family who took the time to travel all the way down to Devon to be with us on our ‘big day’ and to Mandy for making our cake.

To our parents for getting helping us so much along the way and a super duper big thank you to my mum for all her hard work in creating the invites, bunting and decorations.

To Mr Matt Fryer – our lovely photographer for hopefully taking some fab shots (we’re due to see them very soon), for being a top impromptu bar man and all round good sport who was a pleasure to have with us on the day.

To our caterers Hazel and Ellie at Eat With Englands for really pulling it out of the bag and making sure the whole day ran like a dream – and most importantly kept everyone fed and watered and so very happy!

To the Reverend Anne Thorne for marrying us and her very welcoming ‘Dibly-ness’ approach.

And finally to the ever so lovely Mr Crook for making me his wife.  What have I let myself in for :o)!!

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  1. You look lovely and the backdrop for your pics is amazing.